A writer ‘by trade’ (ex Watford College) with an English Degree (oddly enough from University in Ireland), so that means I usually know not only where the apostrophe ‘goes’ but where I can get a decent pint of Guinness.

I have been ‘brung-up proper’ with (I hope) good habits in good agencies that operate proper planning and briefing processes and worked across many clients, in many market sectors and across virtually all the communications disciplines.

My work ‘has worked’ – and won both business and awards – locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.

As a Senior Creative and a Creative Director, I have considerable experience of, and a strong affinity to, the planning and briefing process and to getting it – and the work – ‘right’ from the off.

I also have a wealth of experience with clients at all levels and I am assured that I am a schizzle-hot front line pitcher / presenter.

I am based in the NW but have worked (and will work) wherever to suit.

Try me. You might like me. And, more importantly, my work.